Importance of Being Mindful

The human world… It’s a mess…

– Sebastian; The Little Mermaid

Anxiety Is Second Nature

You are already at a disadvantage as a young adult entering the workforce.  School is “done”, work takes up 40+ hours out of your week, and responsibilities begin piling up to a nonexistent ceiling.  Check out this article I found called The Most Anxious Generation Goes to Work by Sue Shellenbarger about young adults entering the workforce. I found it extremely enlightening and somewhat sad to realize how anxious the younger generation is!

Anxiety Feels Like…

…this overwhelming fog taking over.  Days continue to pass, and you feel like your head is barely above water with everything you need to get done.  Chaos is the brains main source of oxygen and you just keep feeding it.

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

Adults all over the world are practicing mindful habits. Habits as simple as going a few hours without technology to habits as grand as committing a specific amount a time throughout the week to a specific mindful activity. It took me a while to realize that my life was in complete havoc and something needed to change; but I am extremely thankful I learned early!

Few of my own Mindful Tips

  • Make time to read a book – this helps the brain move away from the constant Hustle & Bustle of the day while still learning
  • Work It Out – literally; exercise has been proven time and time again to help calm and relax anxiety
  • Meditate – this could be anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour; but take the time to get to know yourself: your thoughts & your values
  • Appreciate this moment in your life – self explanatory

But Why?

As mentioned in the article, young adults are so anxious they may start off their new careers on bad terms. Their managers are now having to learn extra skills just to accommodate the behaviors.  Imagine if you were 1 in 5 new hires that didn’t need that extra help because you had already taken the steps to being mindful.  Imagine the people you could help by showing them what a mindful person looks like.  Imagine how your life could change by being mindful.


Take the time to read the article above.  It provides some amazing research results and items to get that brain thinking about your own personal action.

Consider a mindful activity that you could commit to; starting early makes it easier to instill the habit for the remainder of your life – which is barely starting; despite how it may seem. See how your mindful activity is making a difference!

Finally, pretend you are at the doctor’s office, and your doctor just placed their ice-cold stethoscope on your back to listen to your lungs.

“Take a deep breath in… and out; again.”

As always, share your thoughts, questions, or even your mindful tips below! Contact me by reaching out to my many social media platforms. Lastly, thank you for following me on this journey to becoming an adult!

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