Part II – Decision Making

It’ll turn out alright in the end, you’ll see.

Mrs. Potts, Beauty & the Beast

If you haven’t read Part I – Decision Making, take a peek before heading down this rabbit hole.

I see it all so differently now…

Graduation 2015 – Three years prior, I made a choice to go to Chabot College. It required me to wake up 2 to 3 times a week at 5am to commute 3 hours to my first class where I knew no one. I spent all day there: I scheduled my classes, accordingly, packed enough food to avoid spending money, and took a gym course every semester to get a workout in. I could’ve easily gone to 1 of the 2 Junior Colleges that were 15 minutes from where I lived, but I didn’t want to be distracted. Even as I walked that stage for graduation, I knew I wanted something more.

A Few Weeks Later – My decision to move to Reno, NV felt easy; but it was the hardest, scariest, most nerve-racking choice I had ever made in my life. You would think that having my own younger sister there would make it better, but it didn’t. We were not that close, and it always seemed like we were very different people. So, I knew that it was going to be lonely and hard; but I knew I wanted/needed to go.

End of Summer 2015 – It is a summer I will never forget. I had never been so energetic or happy. I was having what felt like the time of my life. Why would I want the time of my life to end? Because I knew this was not all I wanted. It was as if my current self and the self I wanted to be were competing for the right to make decisions.

A Few Weeks Later – I struggled with my choice. I was scared; but who wouldn’t be? I was leaving everything I knew and loved to go gallivanting into this life I couldn’t even imagine. My mind was going 10,000 miles an hour: What happens if I fail? Will I lose my friends? Is my future going to be good or bad?

Graduation 2017 – I was filled with dread two years prior. I made a gut decision and it turned out great. This one decision was made because I knew I wanted more for myself. That is EXACTLY what I got in return. An amazing bond grew between my sister and me. I learned what friendship ACTUALLY meant. I started working for this amazing company and I met the most wonderful man on the planet. I walked that stage as the person I always wanted to be.

Adult Decision Making

I didn’t realize that choices could hold so much weight. It may have seemed at first that the decision to move was just as easy as flipping the channel on the television; but it required much thought and time.

Adults take time to make these choices; and then when the decision is made, they return to their actions and self-reflect. It helps create a happier and successful life; as says Tracy Kennedy in her article: How Self-Reflection Gives You a Happier and More Successful Life.

Your Turn

I assume you have a past decision ready to go since reading the last blog. Use that decision and analyze it. Dig deep and recognize the reasons you made the choices you made. Did it turn out good? If not, what are ways you can better it in the future?

Until next time…

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