Our Daily Choices: What They Say About You

Always let your conscience be your guide!

-The Blue Fairy, Pinocchio

Today, I want to talk about choices. Daily choices specifically. Just like making big decisions; which I discussed heavily in two blogs Part I – Decision Making & Part II – Decision Making, little daily choices are highly important, say a lot about yourself, and distinguish young adults from adults.

So, let me demonstrate some of the biggest little daily choices I struggle with:

Setting an Alarm, The Night Before

I do not know one person who doesn’t set an alarm at night; whether its on your phone or your alarm clock (if that is still a thing). But the number of alarms that are set are a clear indication of a choice your making to start off your day.

In my opinion, people who can set 1 alarm for a specific time are my idols! They start off their mornings with a purpose. They know when they want to get up, they know what they want to accomplish that day, and they are probably more likely to have a consistent sleep and morning routine! This group makes adulting look easy!

If you’re like me, you have 2 alarms set; 5 to 15 minutes apart. This is a clear indicator of someone who is trying to be more consistent with their routines. They want to get up with a purpose, but those 5 to 15 minutes still seem like they make a difference. (Trust me they don’t!) We are trying our hardest to break the habit of 2 alarms, but we might be too scared to leap.

Lastly, we have the 3+ alarm setters. These individuals most likely have an inconsistent sleep schedule and are not morning people. Don’t get me wrong, this does not make you “bad” at adulting. It just shows mornings are the WORST part of your day and you may struggle making other daily choices.

Heading to Work

Whether you feel like you must go to work, or you feel like you want to go to work; you are adulting! Making the choice to get up and go is what makes you different from a young adult. I will admit, when I was younger there were so many times where I felt like not going to work and I didn’t. I would call out for some absurd reason. I didn’t think twice about the image I was creating for myself or the workload I was dumping on my co-workers. As much as I thought I was a team player, I was not.

Being an adult is about owning your choices. I go to work because I care about my personal brand. I don’t just want to say I am a team player; I want to mean it. If I do not show up for work, I think about others within my company it could affect. Going to work is not just about me! Going to work is how I make a living, how I contribute to my company, and how I grow and learn as a professional.

After Work Activities

Are you going to the gym? Are you going to school? Do you have a side hustle? Do you watch TV until you go to bed? Do you read books? Are you meeting up with friends or family?

There is no one activity that is better than another or that makes you an adult. After work activities just speak wonders to people’s character. They demonstrate whether a person is motivated or lazy. They demonstrate a person’s willingness to be more than just a 9-5 employee.

I think a comfortable balance between various work activities is key! As you know, I am a graduate student. My after-work activities are full of class time and studying. Other days, I am actively at the gym or watching TV or reading a book. The last thing I want my life to be is work, TV, bed. Being an adult is about being the best version of yourself; a role model to your kids, future kids, and others. Participating in after work activities that continue to help you learn and grow is key!

Biggest Little Daily Choices

There are SOOO many little choices we make throughout the day that define us or separate the young adults from the adults. You might have thought of a few of your own! I would love if you shared some more choices you see in your daily lives and how that choice makes you feel below in the comment section!

I plan on continuously trying to set that one alarm!

Until next time, stay safe & healthy!

6 thoughts on “Our Daily Choices: What They Say About You

    1. I set the first alarm, to wake me up initially. Then, I have another alarm 10 mins after to tell me I actually have to get out of bed. I am trying to break the habit, but i am not there yet. I love that you classify yourself as a “snooze’er”! Such a great name!


  1. I love your insights on these topics! I set at least three alarms 5 minutes apart because those extra 10 minutes of sleep make me feel more rested … not! I have such a horrible sleep routine that I depend on all three alarms! I also really enjoy the after work activity section of this blog! I have so much going on, but I need to continue to participate in some sort of after work activity to make sure I do not feel lazy … sometimes it is as simple as sitting outside soaking up the sunshine because I am trapped inside all day at work. Thank you for sharing!



    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying these blog posts! The alarm clock and me are still enemies. Last night I set an alarm for 7am; I woke up at 8am. Apparently I hit my alarm in my sleep 😂. I am still working and these blogs are here to let all readers know they are not alone! Thanks for sharing!


  2. adrianaowens

    De’Ja, I really enjoyed your post! I will have to admit, I am one to set numerous alarms for fear that I’ll sleep through the first one. I also agree that those extra 15 minutes definitely don’t make a difference. More often than not they are the reason why I am running late in the morning :/

    Another small decision that differentiates young adults and adults is eating out vs. preparing meals each day. Often we eat out regularly because “we are in a hurry”. But really it takes just as much time to cook something at home. Plus eating out costs us loads of extra money that we could be saving. This is definitely something I am trying to work on!

    Thanks for sharing & I look forward to reading more of your posts about adulthood!


    1. They definitely can make us late. Happens ALOT to me haha. It really does cost a fortune to eat out so much! I can make over 15 tacos at home for 20 bucks or I can spend 20 bucks on 4 tacos I buy. It’s crazy! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and I hope to share more content everyone can enjoy and relate to!

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