No Excuses!

Just keep swimming!

Dory, Finding Nemo

Next on the list… No Excuses!

What Are Excuses?

An excuse is an explanation for something that went wrong. When we give an excuse, we are trying to get something out of the person we are telling the excuse – usually giving some slack on a situation.

For example: I am a graduate student working full time. The professor has a strict attendance policy. After class has been in session for 15 minutes, you will be marked absent, even if you still come to class. I show up to class 16 minutes late. Just 1 minute! After class, I inform the professor that I couldn’t leave work on time because of a huge project I am working on.

Excuses are an attempt to get what we want by appealing to others to empathize with us.

Excuses Are Not Just For Others

Do not let the definition confuse you, excuses are not only us giving to others but us giving to ourselves.

After I graduated with my Bachelors, I decided I would take a break before returning for graduate school. I had 5 years of college with 0 breaks. I took every summer class and winter class I could. So 1 year was going to be perfect. But then a year come and went. My plan was to return but I made excuses.

I was too busy! I was working full-time and still trying to find my footing in my career. I had no time to sit for a GMAT test. I had no time for class after work. I had no time to study.

My excuses were just masking my worries. I was scared. I was scared to sit for an exam I had no idea how to prepare for. I was scared that I would not get accepted into the program. My excuses were stopping me from moving forward. So I spent a year making excuses!

Excuses are the most harmful way to stunt growth!

A Life Without Excuses

I am not perfect. I constantly make excuses! Its a trait I would like to stop! So, I am going to take my own challenge and go 1 week without making an excuse. If I am late, I will apologize and move on. If I want to do something, I will think about it rationally without making excuses why I can not do it.

I challenge you to do it too! Go one week. Just try it out. I promise to update you on my progress!

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