The Adult Impostor

The key is to remember that everyone’s version of what makes an adult is different; and that even your own version of what an adult looks like is a high-level view! In turn, you must recognize your accomplishments throughout this journey.

Friendship & Transitioning to Adulthood

Speaking frankly, not all friendships will last through to adulthood. Friends you had growing up stand a higher chance of fading away! This fading process does not mean the relationship ended on bad terms or that you can never be friends again. Adulthood is more time consuming than you may realize.

Essential Habits of Adulthood: Good Night’s Sleep

My dark eyes and aching back were not my only side effects of lack of sleep. My memory has gotten worse and my ability to stay focused is long gone. Feeling exhausted all day is NOT how I want to spend the rest of my life; especially because I am only 26 years old! Sleep helps all of these ruthless side effects I was experiencing, and I needed to get started!