Essential Habits of Adulthood: Skincare

Look Beyond What You See.

Rafiki, The Lion King

Essential Habits of Adulthood

During this time of uncertainty and social-distancing, I have made it a focus to start building some worthwhile habits. I like to call them The Essential Habits of Adulthood. And they are as follows (in no particular order):

  • Skincare Routines
  • Regular Exercise
  • Healthy Eating
  • Practicing Mindfulness
  • Good Night’s Sleep

Why Should I Care?

Because if I have learned one thing on my journey to adulthood, it is that being an adult comes with an excessive mound of responsibility and it never stops growing. It takes a toll on a person and it can be clearly seen in a person’s appearance, behavior, and their relationships. So, over my next few blog posts, we will discuss a particular habit, its importance, and how you can get started!

Importance of Skincare

There are a million reasons why skincare is important, but my favorite list to refer to when I am feeling lazy and unmotivated is from an article called: 7 Reasons Why Your Skin Care Routine Is Important. Here is a quick glance at the reasons provided in the article:

  • Our skin shields itself daily
  • All skin types are different
  • Beautiful skin is a lifelong process
  • Prevention is easier
  • A skin care routine saves you money
  • When you look good, you feel good
  • A skin care routine can help establish other healthy routines

One of the main reasons that sticks with me from this list is Beautiful skin is a lifelong process! I am enjoying this roller-coaster we call life, but I am not the hugest supporter of getting old and looking old. I want my skin to be a direct reflection of me and how youthful I feel! So, this statement keeps me from skipping my skincare routine!

Getting Started!

Starting a skincare routine is not hard, but it is not that easy. As stated above, “All Skin Types Are Different.” The only way to get started is by trial and error and loads of research! But, before you take a deep dive into that chaos, take some time to pay close attention to your skin and ask yourself:

  • Is my skin Dry, Oily, or Combination?
  • What products do I currently use and how is it working?
  • What does my current skincare routine look like?
  • What are the main areas of my skin I would like to improve?

Currently, I have a classmate that writes a fantastic beauty blog about skincare and products! It is called Beauty by Fransisco. The blog is full of information about beauty, skin, products, and more.

My Routine

My skin is a combination of oily and dry; especially after eating certain foods. I was using the cheapest products I could find and had zero consistency in my skincare routine. After using my products consistently, I realized they were not actually helping me achieve my skin goals.

My skin goals were to get rid of acne, dark spots, and eye bags on my face. I also wanted my overall skin to be softer and firmer. After months of research and experimenting, I figured it out what works best for me:

Morning Routine

  • Clean hands, clean hands, clean hands
  • Cleanser: Not a paid sponsor, but I am a Curology customer
  • Eye Mask: Pixi
  • Serum: Vitamin C
  • Moisturizer: Curology
  • Face Sunblock Lotion: Neutrogena
  • Head to Toe Lotion: Gold Bond

Nightly Routine


Even though a skincare routine may sound daunting, I swear it leaves you feeling good and ready to conquer anything! My challenge for you today, is to use this time during COVID-19 to build a skincare habit. A habit that will continue to provide everlasting results and support. A habit that will give you some designated time during your day that is solely about you!

Until next time, be safe & healthy…

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